Chloé wird bei unserer Zusatzausstellung „Wir machen SEXXX“ mit dabei sein! Das sagt sie über sich selbst und ihre Werke:

I am Chloé Burt, a 27 years old french artiste from Metz. I work mostly around the questions of esthetisme of femininity and violence made on women. I use color crayons and painting to express the contradiction of aestheticism of violence and mistreating of these figures that current and ancient art used to portrait it.

I have been doing exhibitions in Metz, Paris and Mulhouse for the last 3 years at La Face Cachée, le Château 404, Openbach gallery, le Séchoir and le Carré des Bulles.

I have also participated to numerous published magazines and french editions such as La Tranchée Racine made by Stéphane Blanquet, Ortolanzine, Sanat, Les Tutos Sorcellerie, Vert Envie and Trakt.

Last summer I was in residency in Openbach gallery in paris where I managed to produced several artwork.

On the side, I am really active in my city, Metz, to help young artistes and structures to produce show and exhibitions, mostly with Le Château 404.