My name is Boris Bobz, I’m 30 years old, and I’m illustrator and professional graffor.

I ‘m living in the Est of France, where I have the chance to praticse my passion everyday. Passionate by the drawing since my childhood, I realy discovert the univers of graffity when I was 15, with one of my friend how came back from Californy.

There were some graffitys on my city, it was the beginning of this tendance but I was so impressed and curious of this new way of expression.

Step by step, I star to learn the different techniques of lettering, and I spend all of my time on it.

We I was 20, I get boring of the lettering, and I decided to devoted to the creation of characters.

Self-educated ? I never had an course of drawing, because I wanted to be free in the learning. But it’s not easy with the drawing. The illustrators don’t share their techniques or experiences and I didn’t know knowbody how make characters. So I had to star to learn the bases of the human body.

After many years to read and look tuto on internet about the illustrations techniques, inking and coloring, I was finally able to do what was done in my brain.

I used a lot the social networks, and it was with them that I discovered the artists like Brett Parson (Blitzcadet), Hombre, Creaturebox, Stereoheat, Abys, Skottie young, how inspired me a lot.

Aroud 25 years old, the idea to do my passion my job star began to make his way under the encouragement of my relatives. At the time, I was working in refrigerated warehouse.

Today, I’m painting a lot, I realize frescoes for compagnies, individuals. I’m also doing frescoes volunteers for associations… I’m not doing only frescoes but also paintings, customized shoes, and the think that I like the most :create illustrations.

I realy like the face expression in my drawing, work also about the positions is very interesting. I like all the possibilities of staging, ideas are inexhaustibles.

I’m working essentially on Ipad Pro and I’m using Procreate like application, it’s very complite and enough for my achievements.

You can find all my illustations on Facebook : @Boris Bobz Créateur de créatures